Veggie Food Festival!

Hello, interwebs! I recently had the pleasure of playing with the lovely (and multi-talented) Marissa Hollenback at the 2018 California Vegetarian Food Festival! Not only was this my first festival, but it was also my first gig getting to show off my Stagg Electric Upright Bass! Here we are, performing a bit of “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks. I also have a little project in the works with Miss Hollenback, which I will one day get to post here!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Greetings, interweb denizens of the 21st century! It’s been a few months since my last post, but I’ve been very busy writing new music and working with some very special side projects, so please forgive my absence! While my work-in-progress “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac” album is enjoying a small hiatus, my band Dingo Down has gone through unprecedented changes that might just rock your world!

Sadly, Dingo’s founding guitarist has recently left the country to find peace in a small town in Germany! His savage, cunningly tasty guitar licks and abrasive (yet hilarious) demeanor will be sorely missed amoung his bandmates and close friends! Good luck and Godspeed, Mr. Baker! We eagerly await your return!


In other Dingo Down news, we are ecstatic to introduce a new addition to the group, a fantastically skilled and creative drummer, Ian! We been playing with him for a few months now, and he has fully been indoctrinated in our little Dingo Den! Please welcome Ian at our next show, which we hope will be coming soon this Fall! Check out more Dingo Down comings and goings at the newly reconstructed!

Exciting stuff, and if that wasn’t all, I’m very proud to announce a brand new project I have recently had the pleasure to join! That’s right, I am currently playing keyboards for The Filth, an art rock/synth pop outfit with a steadily growing live¬†repertoire! It’s been a hectic few months learning/writing keyboard parts and vocal harmonies, but we’ve been collectively diligent and excited to be playing a few show in the very short future! I’ll leave here a few links to get your Filth on, but in the meantime please check us out Friday, October 14th at The Mint in west L.A! We go on at 11:40 pm, and promise a fun, fresh and filthy show! Click on the official Live At The Mint poster and follow The Filth on Facebook and Instagram! More information will be available as soon as I get it!



That’s all for now, faithful followers! Stay tuned for more Dingo Down AND The Filth live shows, as well as new tunes as we go! Thanks again for visiting!





Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac #2

Possible Album Cover Idea

Phew! It’s been a busy few months since I’ve posted anything about my most current project, “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac,” but you can breathe easy, dedicated listeners, I’m still collecting¬† and scouring my brain for more material. Between my busy schedule with Dingo Down and the Tinkershop, I’ve had a few moments to add four new songs to the Dreamtime playlist! I’ll go through them song by song for your reading pleasure.


“Wooden Manikin In Repose” – Sometimes my imagination takes me to unrealistic versions of real places, and two of the four new songs (the other being “Encantado”) take place on the terrifying edges of the Amazon river. This song envisions a little poseable artist’s manikin taking a nap on a small Amazon river landmass. The figure gets whisked away by the strong river current and floats downstream in the most calm way. It’s a small scene with a snippet of serenity. I used my globular kalimba for the first time in a recording, and am anxious to use it again; it was a ton of fun and strangely dynamic for such an unassuming little toy! I added a click with another wooden toy percussion I have and whistled a little tune on top.

“Windchimes and Pinwheels” – This song is an attempt to score a little cat video my wife and I filmed one day off of our four cats in the garden porch. I’ve been playing around with video these past months, and on an impulse decided to score some of the hastily filmed clips. This track is all piano, and I tried to convey my opinion/feelings of each cat through each musical segment. It’s not perfect, but it was a learning experience. You can view the full video on my Youtube channel here. Since “Dreamtime” has no actual concept, I decided it can live on as a track on this project/album.

“Encantado” – This is the other Amazon song on “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac.” I read a Amazonian legend recently, where a pink were-dolphin lures people into the great river and drowns them. I was inspired and immediately set up my keyboard. The story is pretty awesome, and combines my fears/fascination of both lycanthropic animals and river dolphins. I’m over-simplifying the story and am not giving the myth it’s due credit here, but you can read all about it in your local library (okay, I guess you can just google it.) This tune was purely my KORG X5D Music Synthesizer and nothing else. The keys are mostly jammed and the buttons have been mashed beyond use, but I honestly love that old thing! I’ve done other Amazon songs in the past, so I ought to put together a compilation album one of these days.

“Catgrass” – This song is featured in the first cat video I put music to. My wife filmed a little montage of each of our four cats, and I created a little mood piece to tie it all together. I wanted to capture the solitary mood of our porch garden sanctuary where our cats gather and relax. I used the vibes sound on my KORG digital piano to represent the lonely windchimes and then put a soothing organic bass line using my ESP fretless bass guitar. I love playing that particular bass guitar; I’ve even made the transition from my Fender Jazz to the ESP exclusively for my work in Dingo Down. You can see the full Youtube video here.

Six songs down, ??? many to go! Not sure where this project is headed yet, but I’m excited to find out! Listen for yourself with the newly updated Soundcloud player below, which features every song on “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac”¬† so far!


Pinkus’ Monster And Props Tinkershop

Greetings and salutations, Interweb Denizens! I want to share today some exciting items of interest that I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of! First and foremost, I’d like to introduce’s newest page, “Pinkus’ Monster and Props Tinkershop.” This page is a joint venture that mixes my music and unique art with the genius tinkerings and monpropslogo002artistic magic of Rhianna Pinkus (my amazing wife!)Together (for the last few weeks,) we have been experimenting with multi-media projects, from showcasing our crazy cats to making music videos for my band Dingo Down. We are open for business and ready to bring our unique imagination/vision to your project! Until we build an official home for the Tinkershop, I’ll be hosting the page from here, so check out our page often for more videos and behind-the-scenes footage and pictures! Please visit and “like” us on Facebook and sign up for our blog postings for our newest tinkerings! (Below – Some pictures and still shots from our video for “Moonage Daydream)

Check out our video for “Moonage Daydream” (as covered by Dingo Down) below! More videos on the way, so come back often!