Elemental Pea – Digital Albums, Ep’s and Singles


BSFMCfron5x5“Bedtime Stories For Moon Children”

$7.00 USD – Purchase HERE!

A collection of dark lullabies inspired by the science-fiction/fantasy writers of the pre-space age era. Loosely based on the colors and hues in H. G. Wells “The First Men In The Moon.”



2014 - "The Night Mara"

“The Night Mara”

$5.00 USD – Purchase HERE!

Elemental Pea’s first Concept Album

“The Night Mara sits on your chest as you nod off, constricting your breath. You can’t move.”



2015 - "Sepulchre" (EP)“Sepulchre” – EP

$5.00 USD – Purchase HERE!

“This EP was dug up from a depression in the scorched earth in an abandoned, patinaed mausoleum; ripe with mold and aged offal, ready for resurrection.”




Dingo Down – Digital Albums, Ep’s and Singles



“Pony Up” – EP by Dingo Down

$5.00 Digital Download – Purchase HERE!

$10.00 (+s/h) Extended Play Compact Disc

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
Dingo Down’s debut studio EP, with artwork/concept by Matthew Pinkus”




1439523988110“Confiscated Days: Live At Silverlake Lounge”Dingo Down

$5.00 USD – Purchase HERE!

“A complete and unedited Dingo Down show, recorded on March 14, 2015 at The Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles, Ca.”



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