The Casio Royale Project

The Newest Edition to the Elemental Pea Family, The Casio Royale Project!

Along with the experimental process I use in most of my recordings and compositions, I seek out challenges and creative ideas to invent newer artistic possibilities. The Casio Royale Project came about as I stumbled upon an old 1980’s Casio ToneBank CT-395 Keyboard that was lying around my apartment. I challenged myself to use this keyboard exclusively to record a fresh concept album.  So far I am almost done with one album, “Cara de Niño Goes To Town,”  to be released sometime towards the end of summer, 2015. Also in the works is an album of songs based around each column of sounds in the CT-395’s ToneBank, which is aptly titled, “ToneBank Tunes: Volume 1.”


Work in progress album covers for “Cara de Niño Goes To Town” and “ToneBank Tunes: Volume 1”


Scroll through the player below and sample some of the sounds of “Casio Royale.”

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