Composing the Score to Your Art!

My name is Matthew Pinkus, and I am a musician and composer wanting to bring my skills, style and experience to your art. I have an arsenal of instruments and a humble home studio where I do what I love. I am currently looking to collaborate with fellow artists for the following projects:

  • Short Films
  • Video Games
  • Live Theater
  • Conceptual Art Shows
  • Animation/Stop Motion

I cater to the mood and style you envision for your project, emphasizing limitless imagination and possibilities. Please let me know what direction you want to present, and I’ll take it from there. With one-on-one brainstorming and frequent correspondence, let my art meld with yours!

I use Korg Keyboards and a Korg Digital Piano for my main structure work, but am also accomplished in stringed instruments as well. I own and play the following:

  • Acoustic/Classical Guitars
  • Electric Guitars (Fender and Ibanez)
  • Bass Guitars (Fender Jazz, ESP Fretless)
  • Electric Upright Bass
  • Mandolin
  • Accordion
  • Melodica
  • Harmonium/Pump Organ
  • Flutes/Whistles/Fifes
  • Ocarina
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Various Percussion (Djembe, Shakers, Tambor)
  • Kalimba
  • Xylophone

Please leave me a message if you are interested in having original music composed for your project!

Available Now: “Bedtime Stories For Moon Children

A collection of dark lullabies inspired by the science-fiction/fantasy writers of the pre-space age era. Loosely based on the colors and hues in H. G. Wells “The First Men In The Moon.”

About Matthew Pinkus


Over 20 years experience as a musician/composer.

Current bass player for rock/pop band Dingo Down



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