What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Greetings, interweb denizens of the 21st century! It’s been a few months since my last post, but I’ve been very busy writing new music and working with some very special side projects, so please forgive my absence! While my work-in-progress “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac” album is enjoying a small hiatus, my band Dingo Down has gone through unprecedented changes that might just rock your world!

Sadly, Dingo’s founding guitarist has recently left the country to find peace in a small town in Germany! His savage, cunningly tasty guitar licks and abrasive (yet hilarious) demeanor will be sorely missed amoung his bandmates and close friends! Good luck and Godspeed, Mr. Baker! We eagerly await your return!


In other Dingo Down news, we are ecstatic to introduce a new addition to the group, a fantastically skilled and creative drummer, Ian! We been playing with him for a few months now, and he has fully been indoctrinated in our little Dingo Den! Please welcome Ian at our next show, which we hope will be coming soon this Fall! Check out more Dingo Down comings and goings at the newly reconstructed dingodownband.com!

Exciting stuff, and if that wasn’t all, I’m very proud to announce a brand new project I have recently had the pleasure to join! That’s right, I am currently playing keyboards for The Filth, an art rock/synth pop outfit with a steadily growing live¬†repertoire! It’s been a hectic few months learning/writing keyboard parts and vocal harmonies, but we’ve been collectively diligent and excited to be playing a few show in the very short future! I’ll leave here a few links to get your Filth on, but in the meantime please check us out Friday, October 14th at The Mint in west L.A! We go on at 11:40 pm, and promise a fun, fresh and filthy show! Click on the official Live At The Mint poster and follow The Filth on Facebook and Instagram! More information will be available as soon as I get it!



That’s all for now, faithful followers! Stay tuned for more Dingo Down AND The Filth live shows, as well as new tunes as we go! Thanks again for visiting!






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