Busting Up My Brains For The Words

While my “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac” endeavor is slowly growing, my band Dingo Down has been in the studio recording a special project near and dear to our hearts. The recent passing of the iconic musician/artist David Bowie was a blow to all, and it hit us Dingoes pretty hard. As webmaster and social media publicist for Dingo Down, I’ve had to write these Bowie blurbs for the past few days in order to get the word out about our recordings. I’ve definitely been busting up my brains, so I’ll share here what I wrote for our Facebook statement I posted last night.

A few months back, the world lost a REAL rock and roll legend. David Bowie was a true artist, inventor and innovator. His passing leaves a hole in the hearts of musicians and music lovers everywhere.

We Dingoes were taken aback that January evening (in the middle of our Sunday night rehearsal) when we heard the news; devastated would be an understatement. Each one of us Dingoes was inspired by David Bowie in a very unique and individual way. That sums up David Bowie to me. Every human can find something special that touches their heart, soul and imagination in his prismatic oeuvre, whether you’re a Starman, Scary Monster, Goblin King or Afraid of Americans!

We humbly submit to the world a small token of our gratitude for the man who gave us so much music and memories. Follow the link below to our bandcamp page and download Dingo Down’s own take at some favorite Bowie tunes. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! – Matt Pinkus

That’s it folks. Rock and roll still lives on, if not just a little weaker for the absence of David Bowie and his unique artistic vision.  Now on to “Message From The Action Man,” our take on a few of our favorite Bowie tunes.

We recorded “Moonage Daydream” and “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” in a “live” environment at our local rehearsal/recording studio in West L.A. We ended up just using the drums, some guitars and vocals, as the bass and some other minor details weren’t up to snuff. I recorded my bass parts as well as backup vocals later on with Laine (Dingo Down guitarist) at the engineering/production helms. It took a few weeks to do, but it was definitely a labour of love.

Message From The Action Man” also features my first non-bass guitar contribution to Dingo Down. When Rachael (Dingo Down’s lead vocalist) proposed doing a piano driven Bowie song, I immediately set to work at the keys. I spent a few good days of solidly learning and rehearsing “Oh! You Pretty Things” from “Hunky Dory,” one of my very first forays into the world of David Bowie. I had also learned the piano part for “Lady Stardust,” but we didn’t have enough time/resources to add a fourth song to the EP. Rachael and I did the vocals and then called it a night! You can listen to “Oh! You Pretty Things” below. All in all, I’m pretty proud of our tribute to the man who gave so much music to our lives. Thank you, Mr. Bowie.



You can also download the whole three song EP (including album artwork, done by yours truly) at the link HERE.


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