Tanzanian Astronaut Potato Salad

Hello to everyone out there in internet land! This year I made a pact to dedicate more time to matthewpinkus.com and post more blogs and much more music/projects. Stay tuned in the next day or two for some new music featuring a brand new song from “Dreamtime Bric-a-Brac,” my latest project.

In the meantime (and maybe even in the Dreamtime,) I’d like to share a project I worked on a little over a year ago with my friend Nate Pottker and a little future astronaut with a heart for the stars. In my darkest cynicism I’ve been known to take a few jabs at modern technology and the future of music, but I’ve got to admit, we’ve got some amazing tools and a brand new way to create and share music around the world. My personal views took a turn when my friend Nate asked me to help out on a special project for a special kid.

Gideon Gidori and his Tanzanian Astronaut Potato Salad!

An aspiring young astronaut in Tanzania by the name of Gideon Gidori started a “potato salad crowdfunding” project to jump-start his schooling to become “Africa’s first black astronaut.” After some media attention and many Youtube views later, Gideon wrote a riff on the guitar aimed to promote his cause with a fun and informative song/video. I’m very proud and honored my friend Nate (with connections to the aspiring young astronaut) asked me to write a song around the guitar riff Gideon had written. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and a few other “rock” stand-bys to record a short little tune he could later add lyrics and vocals to. Below you can hear my original recording and mix for “Tanzanian Astronaut  Potato Salad” with the original working title “Gideon’s Dream Song.”


I used the following instruments for this recording:

  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
  • ESP Fretless Bass Guitar
  • KORG SP-250 Digital Piano (for the organ track)
  • Various Percussion (Bongos, Tambourines, Egg Shakers)

I had a lot of fun doing this song, and it it was swiftly written and recorded in one night. Sometimes it takes a while for a song to be created and grow, but I was loaded with inspiration (and not to mention a pretty small time restraint) as you can see. Below you will find the Youtube video and a link to Mr. Gidori’s kickstarter page. I’m proud to have been a part of this young man’s journey to become an astronaut and search the galaxy. Thanks for letting me share this moment with you folks at home!






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