Bedtime Stories For Moon Children

After taking a much needed hiatus, I am back with a brand new album ready for moon children of all ages. I’m very proud to present the newest edition to the Elemental Pea catalogue, “Bedtime Stories For Moon Children.” This conceptual project is an all instrumental homage to my favourite pre-space age science fiction authors and a birthday present to a special little girl named Evalyn.

Bedtime Stories For Moon Children” began years ago after I had read H. G. Well’s classic “The First Men On The Moon.” I was particularly struck by the colors and mood of the storytelling, especially the chapters describing the eerie journey on the moon’s surface. I envisioned sepia in tremolo, and knew right away which instruments I needed to recreate the novel. I recorded a few tracks using a Fender Rhodes piano sound on my Korg keyboard and an acoustic guitar with a spacey tremolo effect. Unfortunately, my early attempts to capture this book were lost in the great hard-drive crash of 2012, but I always had pieces of the idea in my memory. Years later, my brother and his wife had a little girl, and now she is nearly two years old. I decided last year to start on an album of lullabies to give her for Christmas, but the writing and recording took a little longer than planned. But here it is, almost one year later, and I’m very happy to share this album with my little niece and the rest of you Earthlings!

Though the songs are a little dark and brooding for a children’s album, I feel it still has an innocent nature and a strangely melancholy playfulness I recall experiencing in my own early years. The concept and titles of these songs are based on the works of Romantic, Victorian and mid-20th Century writers who were also inspired by that mysterious orb in the nighttime sky; authors such as H.G. Well, George MacDonald, Jules Verne, H. P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few classics from some of western civilizations greatest thinkers and dreamers!

I wrote and recorded the first half of this album towards the end of 2014, and came back to finish it earlier this summer of 2015. The chronology of this album is almost a cross section of a year of my life in music form, keeping in tune with the overall mood and concept. I used Korg Keyboards, an Ibanez acoustic guitar, and my Fender Jazz and ESP fretless bass guitars for everything you hear on this album. I really hope this collection of moody lullabies takes you to that little old satellite; where exotic vegetation grows on the mottled moon surface, precious gold is mined in turquoise subterranean cities, and the cats prowl among dilapidated columns and deserted ionian temples.

Below are two tracks from “Bedtime Stories For Moon Children” for your listening enjoyment. If you are interested in purchasing the full album, check out the store section of this website here, or visit my bandcamp site which also includes a few extra goodies!


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