Bones and All

While taking a stroll through the crammed halls of the Elemental Pea Archives, my divining rod guided me to an ancient doorway, aged with patina and lime. A fetid aroma defiled my nostrils as my stomach retched with torment. Though sickened and disturbed, my curiosity seized me. A comforting nostalgia consumed my being as I stepped through the warped, creaky archway. Without warning, a blinding pain surrounded my head like a halo, and to this day, recall no more.

I can only assume I was found and taken to my apartment sometime during the following morning. I awoke alone on the couch, with my laptop opened to a file I had thought long forgotten. With jittery hands and an uneasy heart, I hereby carry out my blog-masters task and present to you: “Sepulchre.”

I recorded this EP in early 2011, experimenting with the Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder I was borrowing from a former bandmate. I had downloaded a drum beat/looping program on my old laptop and asked my wife Rhianna to go wild and create something fun. All the drum beats on this EP (with an exception of “Dance of the Dead”) were created by her. I added the bass parts next, then let the microKorg take over; acoustic guitars sneaked into the recordings while I wasn’t watching. The last song, “A Wake,” features my very first attempt to play/record with a colossal accordion I had inherited a few weeks before. Once again, these songs aren’t perfect, but I have always been partial to this little five song fantasy. Below is a preview of the title track,“Sepulchre.” If you like this tune, head over to the Store section of this website and buy the EP via my bandcamp page! It only costs five bones!

Purchase “Sepulchre” EP Here!


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