Dingoes In The Studio

Aside from my musical work here at matthewpinkus.com and Elemental Pea, I am the bassist and back-up vocalist for indie/alt band Dingo Down. We are currently in the studio, recording our debut EP, “Pony Up.” It’s been an exciting week so far, laying down the live tracks, drinking potent beers and getting two hours of sleep each night! Here’s a picture of guitarist Laine, drumer Bryan and myself jamming out the tunes in the wee hours of the morning! studio001With just a few more nights of recording vocals, punching in guitar overdubs and cleaning up the mess we made, our EP is going to be ready for the fun part: Mixing and mastering!

I was really stoked to be surrounded by a grand piano and two lovely vintage organs! My band mates we’re more than a little annoyed at my constant solo jam sessions! I may have the seeds for a new song in my mind, whether the Dingoes like it or not!

While I’m fully invested with matthewpinkus.com, I have also taken on the job of webmaster for the all new Dingo Down website. I built it from the ground up, and am proud of what I have done so far. Please take the time to check out the world of Dingo Down, and their new place on the interwebs! Click the link below!

Dingo banner
The Legendary Dingo Down!

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